The Brixen Water Light Festival builds bridges between Copenhagen and Italy

Celestial Garments by Mads Vegas, Julian Angerer and Nora Pider at the Copenhagen Light Festival

The Brixen Water Light Festival © powered by Durst in Northern Italy has developed over the past few years into an event that enjoys great popularity throughout South Tyrol and beyond its borders, so much so that it has been reported in headlines all over the world. 2022 marked the beginning of a close cooperation between the Water Light Festival © and the Copenhagen Light Festival. Italian artists exhibited their art installation during the festival in February in the Danish capital.

For this new edition, the collaboration will be strengthened by bringing together local artists from the respective light festivals to create a joint artwork for both events.

Celestial garments is an artwork for all free spirits. Sit back and enjoy your own light. The Danish light artist Mads Vegas met the Italian musicians Julian Angerer and Nora Pider for the first time on the Reffen Bridge in the Danish capital. The second time in the Italian Alps. The jointly created installation builds a bridge between North and South, between light and music, between expression and sound under the wings of the “celestial garments”.

The Brixen Water Light Festival connects creative artists across borders. From 3 to 21 May, the art installation will be on the Widmann Bridge as part of the Brixen Water Light Festival ©.

“We are thus building a virtual artistic bridge between Denmark and South Tyrol in Italy and encouraging South Tyrolean artists to be able to present themselves internationally,” says Werner Zanotti, Managing Director of the Brixen Tourism Cooperative. Not only do Brixen and Copenhagen share water as an important part of their origins and city life, but both cities also represent common values. Denmark, in fact, is an excellent example of a country that lives sustainability in many sectors in a successful and forward-looking way. The Brixen Water Light Festival focuses on spreading a respectful awareness in the sustainable use of nature and water resources and sees its task, among other things, in raising awareness for conscious and environmentally friendly consumer behaviour.

“We are excited and happy to be part of the Copenhagen Light Festival again”, say Nora Pider and Julian Angerer. “There is always something very liberating about Copenhagen for us, with all the water and its open architecture. There are no mountains there, but it reminds us of Brixen because sometimes the same rough wind blows, and you feel the connection to nature strongly. Together with Mads Vegas, we have created connections between the two cities in different ways. Connections between light and music, between north and south, between heaven and earth. We are very proud of our joint work and look forward to showing it to the audience in Copenhagen this February and in Brixen in May” the two comment on the collaboration with the Danish capital.

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