Mala Gallery of The Association of the Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia, in Belgrade, is pleased to present: PANdemia PANscape, a solo exhibition by Katarina Andjelkovic.

Katarina Andjelkovic – PANdemia PANscape

25th August – 2nd September 2021

Katarina Andjelkovic, PANdemia PANscape. Sequence 1. Digital graphics on mirror, 2021.

Katarina Andjelkovic, PANdemia PANscape. Sequence 2. Digital graphics on mirror, 2021.

Katarina Andjelkovic, PANdemia PANscape. Sequence 3. Digital graphics on mirror, 2021.

Katarina Andjelkovic, PANdemia PANscape. Sequence 4. Digital graphics on mirror, 2021.

In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds. He was also considered a cause of sudden and unjustified fear. Being a rustic god, Pan was not worshipped in temples or other built edifices, but in natural settings, usually caves. Inspired by Pan’s world, the project uses narrative visual devices, fragmentation techniques and image layering, to provide an insight into ways of inhabiting the non-human space. Contrary to expectations, instead of analyzing the collective destiny of the post-pandemic world, the project deals with the possibilities for understanding architecture through the lens of metaphysics, the magical and the fantastic. A repetition of the only recognizable motifs, stairs and lights on the horizon, opens a portal between reality and fantastic underground worlds that are accessed similarly to Alice through a hole that leads to Wonderland. At the same time, the horizon itself represents the flow of time, nature, and power within the system distorted by a twisted perception of the horizontal plane. Leaving the observer’s imagination to define the scale of structures without any known referent, the author transforms the spaces of the known into the territory of abstract architectural reveries. A series of digital graphics is created in the combination of digital drawing techniques, moving image editing programs and manual drawing techniques, in several stages. Dominant gray tones are created by overlapping layers of different textures, creating rich dark tones, often black surfaces, and fragmented rhythmic transitions of coloured texture. These tones are contrasted by key areas of open white, which often represent the ground into which the imagined spaces of halls, staircases and atriums are engraved.


As part of the exhibition, the author will give a multimedia lecture titled “Surrealism and the architecture of end space,” on August 25, 2021, at 18:30h.


Katarina Andjelkovic (1983, Yugoslavia), with a Ph.D., M.Arch.Eng., is a theorist, practicing architect, researcher and a painter. She is a high-skilled draftsman, writer and a researcher. Katarina’s research, writing and teaching is transdisciplinary and crosses architecture, visual arts and film. In Spring semester 2021, Katarina is the main instructor of the Hand-drawing course: the Face[s] of Architecture in New York City. She served as a Visiting Professor, Chair of Creative Architecture, at the University of Oklahoma U.S.A., Institute of Form Theory and History in Oslo, Institute of Urbanism and Landscape in Oslo, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, and guest-lecturing and mentoring at Master Studies of TU Delft – Faculty of architecture and the built environment, Doctoral studies of AHO – Oslo School of architecture and design, FAUP Porto, DIA Anhalt Dessau, SMT New York, and Bachelor studies of ITU – Istanbul Technical University. She lectures internationally at conferences in architectural representation, modern aesthetics of architecture, film-philosophy, drawing research and visual culture in more than 26 countries in Europe, United Kingdom, North America and Canada. Katarina has published her research widely in international journals (Web of Science) and won numerous awards for her architecture design and urban design competitions. She is a full author of the Preliminary Architectural Design, a national project supported by the government of Serbia. She won the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Award for Best Master Thesis defended at Universities in Serbia in all disciplines. Katarina has published two monographs; an upcoming book chapter and several journal articles with Intellect UK. Andjelkovic exhibited her artwork at 5 Solo Exhibitions and at many international architectural, fine arts and photography exhibitions, including group exhibitions at Pall Mall Gallery in London, Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin, MAAT Museum in Lisbon, International Biennial of Illustration ”Golden Pen” in Belgrade, TU Delft in the Netherlands, the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, the National Museum in Belgrade, Gallery Singidunum in Belgrade, Stepenište in Art Education Center ”Šumatovačka”, Gallery of the Central Military Club, Suluj Gallery, Pavillion Cvijeta Zuzoric of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, and Mala Gallery of the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia.

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Exhibition opening: Wednesday, 25th August, at 18h.

Visits: Mon-Fri 11-18h, Saturday 10-16h, Sunday: closed.

Access: from the ground floor, catalogue (print) available during the event, e-catalogue available on demand.

Contact: Katarina Andjelkovic:

Address: Mala Gallery, 12 Uzun Mirkova Street, Belgrade 11000, Serbia