Requirements for Peer Reviewers

What are the criteria for selecting a peer reviewer?

Art Style Magazine understands that when authors submit their extended essays or scholarly articles to our editions, they expect fair and quality peer review. That is the main reason Art Style Magazine seeks improvement and ensures that peer reviewers have the right resources to do their job with excellence. Art Style Magazine recommends that peer reviewers also adhere to the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.

In our issues, we have selected peer reviewers via Publons, Web of Science, Clarivate. In addition, we wish to increase our pool of qualified peer reviewers by opening up the opportunity for interested scholars.

Be part of our team as a qualified peer reviewer!

To encourage good peer review practices and increase our team, Art Style Magazine invites researchers from the arts and humanities to collaborate with the peer review process of the submitted papers. So let us go ahead and become a qualified and reliable peer reviewer! Abilities valued in peer reviewers are as follows:

  • Not having any conflict of interest
  • Keeping the peer review process confidential
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Giving unbiased consideration to each manuscript
  • Communicating clearly
  • Reliability

In this way, “the key purpose of a review is to help an editor make an informed decision, and to provide the authors with feedback for improving their work” (Clarivate 2021).

Requirements for peer reviewers: completed Ph.D., published within the field in the last three years, with the minimum number of publications required being 12 publications within the area of expertise, conference attendance, and society membership.

Peer Reviewers Certified by the Web of Science Academy, Clarivate

Art Style Magazine has chosen peer reviewers certified by the Web of Science Academy to facilitate a qualified, consistent, fair, and timely review. Those who are not yet and are interested in becoming an Art Style Magazine peer reviewer sign up for the courses in Humanities offered by the Web of Science Academy, Clarivate.

Being a peer reviewer is a precious activity. The time spent reviewing should be seen as an opportunity to be up-to-date in one’s area of knowledge with the latest discussions and, of course, to contribute to knowledge and new ideas and to improve one’s own writing and critical thinking. Being a peer reviewer is, above all, a good practice of collaboration for the evolution of knowledge itself. Even with the need for anonymity, there are many ways for peer reviewers to receive recognition for their contributions. Besides being certified, a review work adds value to the curriculum (while maintaining anonymity about the reviewed paper). In a way, all this work performed by the peer reviewer is consistently recognized in the academic universe. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to increase the network for many other collaborations and even be part of an editorial team.

If you are interested in being an anonymous certificated peer reviewer or know a scholar interested, email an expression of interest to suggest or become a peer reviewer to the editor-in-chief. Art Style Magazine looks forward to hearing from you.

Christiane Wagner, editor-in-chief and creative director.