Editorial Policies

The Art Style Magazine operates under the guidance of the editor-in-chief, supported by an international editorial board and scientific committee.

The Art Style Magazine is an open access journal, which means that all content is available free of charge at no cost to you or your institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles or use them for any other lawful purpose without the need to obtain prior permission from the editor or author. This is in accordance with the BOAI’s definition of open access (Budapest Open Access Initiative). 

The peer reviewers contacted by Art Style Magazine are expert academics who are trained to assess the submitted articles in their respective subjects. But the editor-in-chief has the responsibility to carefully consider peer reviews when making a final decision on a paper based on the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) recommendations. All submitted papers that meet the criteria presented in the Author Guidelines are submitted to the appraisal by the editor-in-chief and peer reviewers. The purpose of the peer review is to ensure the integrity and quality of published research within their field. The acceptance result depends mainly on the extended essay or scholarly article in question. In other words, the publication of the paper will depend primarily on its quality.

“Publishing research is essential to the development of knowledge, but it is not always easy to tell the difference between breakthrough discoveries and misleading or false findings. One way we can assure some form of quality control is using peer review.” (Clarivate 2021)

Art Style Magazine is available for any necessary clarification of its editorial conduct, insofar as interested parties can provide solid arguments or appropriate information in response to the work of the editors and/or comments by the reviewers. It is in our best interest that authors’ publications gain projection and recognition beyond the pages of Art Style Magazine.

Published Articles, Authorship, Institutional Affiliations of Authors

Each essay or article is available as an individual, author name and affiliation, full-text PDF with a digital object identifier (DOI) registered by Zenodo.

At the end of each paper, the author’s biography—with their institutional affiliation, funding information, and contact details—is provided.

Conflict of Interest

Following good practice and ethics policy in publishing, research authors are asked to report any potential conflict of interest. If no declaration is made, we will consider the publication as having no potential competing interest. Art Style Magazine relies on the transparency and good ethical conduct of all authors and contributors. This procedure, of course, aims to consolidate the excellent practice of publications.

Art Style Magazine avoids any kind of financial, commercial, legal, or professional conflict of interest with other organizations or the people who work with them, which could influence the research or the interpretation of the results. To this end, we provide a short biography of each member of the editorial board and the scientific committee. In addition, we also request a short biography of the authors at the end of each paper. Knowing the institutional affiliation and the background of the authors and members is a good way to maintain transparency in the academic universe, following good ethical conduct to avoid any problems of this kind.

Peer-Review Process

Time required for peer-reviewing:

Art Style Magazine’s editorial team is involved in the peer-review process for submitted essays and articles within the time required for the desired quality. This part of the process should take a minimum of 30 days and up to 90 days, from receipt of the article until the editorial production begins for publication. We are highly dependent on the availability of reviewers, the appropriate reviewer for the subject and theme submitted, and the aspects related to acceptance or not due to conflicts of interest. Therefore, we count on our authors’ patience and understanding. If you need an update on how the process is going, please contact our editorial team.

To facilitate a consistent, fair, and timely review, the Art Style Magazine essentially considers the recommendations of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics). Art Style Magazine outlines the best practice principles for publications.

The peer-review process is double-blind. For more information, please see the following link for the Peer-Review Process.

What are the criteria for selecting a peer reviewer?

Art Style Magazine understands that when authors submit their extended essays or scholarly articles to our editions, they expect fair and quality peer review. That is the main reason Art Style Magazine seeks improvement and ensures that peer reviewers have the right resources to do their job with excellence. Art Style Magazine recommends that peer reviewers also adhere to the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.

In our issues, we have selected peer reviewers via Publons, Web of Science, Clarivate. In addition, we wish to increase our pool of qualified peer reviewers by opening up the opportunity for interested scholars.

For more information, please see Art Style Magazine‘s Requirements for Peer Reviewers.


Papers submitted to Art Style Magazine are automatically checked for plagiarism; if a paper is plagiarized, it will not be accepted. All published articles go through the plagiarism scanner and must meet the ethical standards of academic conduct. If plagiarism is discovered in a published article, the plagiarized piece will be removed, and the author will no longer be able to publish in this magazine.

Corrections and Retractions

If a correction or retraction to any Art Style Magazine publication is necessary, a post-publication update notice will be linked to the original publication. If any serious problem with the publication cannot be solved by correction or retraction, the magazine will consider a removal instance. Art Style Magazine is committed to providing transparency to ensure the integrity and quality of the publications and consider COPE Retraction Guidelines’ recommendations.

Complaints and Appeals

Art Style Magazine is available for any necessary clarification of its editorial conduct, insofar as interested parties can provide solid arguments or appropriate information in response to the work of the editors and/or comments by the reviewers. It is in our best interest that our authors’ publications gain projection and recognition beyond the pages of Art Style Magazine.

Art Style Magazine essentially considers the recommendations of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

Archiving for the Future

Art Style Magazine uses the Zenodo and CORE repositories. All of Art Style Magazine publications deposited in Zenodo are stored safely for the future in the same cloud infrastructure as CERN’s Large Hadron Collider research data. CERN is an active member of the following organizations and international bodies (non-exhaustive): DataCite, ORCID, FORCE11 (in particular, Data Citation Principles and Software Citation Principles), Research Data Alliance, SCOAP3, and partner in multiple European Commission funded projects, including OpenAIRE and EUDAT. Zenodo is registered in the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR).

Beyond the Traditional Publishing Life Cycle

By Christiane Wagner, Editor-in-Chief

To achieve Art Style Magazine’s goal of being part of the best indexers, besides considering a periodicity of at least two years, it is necessary to meet some other requirements. Among the required actions is to have the magazine well-protected and linked to the best repositories. Thus, we are thinking about the future, protecting and promoting the Art Style Magazine’s publications by using Zenodo and Core repositories. We have just done this with our first edition. The whole process is very detailed, but we will soon conclude this important lesson in all Art Style Magazine editions.

With Zenodo, “researchers can receive credit by making the research results citable, through OpenAIRE integrating them into existing reporting lines to funding agencies like the European Commission. Citation information is also passed to DataCite and onto scholarly aggregators.” Art Style Magazine is also deposited in CORE — Open Access for the Humanities and Commons Open Repository Exchange, which is stored in the Columbia University Libraries’ long-term digital preservation storage system.

Art Style Magazine aims to improve how research production quality is evaluated through publications, being a signatory to the main agreements that pursue practices related to research articles published in peer-reviewed journals, which can and should be extended to other products, such as datasets, because they are relevant research results.

Furthermore, the aim is to evaluate the research on its merits. We are also committed to ensuring that our journal will be well-indexed and are working toward this. It is only a matter of time, considering that the best indexing takes, on average, two years. The main indexers and institutions we have subscribed our Art Style Magazine to are as follows: Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal), ERIH Plus (European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences), Google Scholar Metrics, Latindex, and, most importantly, to become a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). COPE is committed to educating and supporting editors, publishers, and those involved in publication ethics to move the publishing culture towards one where ethical practices become a regular part of it. We expect the support and contribution of all those involved and passionate about research and publications, especially in our area. We wish you all the best that Art Style Magazine can offer.